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Since the beginning of the last century, the Bardelli family (the ouners of Bardelli Casa) have been deeply rooted in Tuscany in the town of Casalguidi.

In the beginning the founder of the company , (the grandmother of the present day owners) prepared trousseaus which families gave to their daughters as wedding gifts.

When the granddaughter of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Caterina Medici, married the son of Francesco the I, King of France, Enrico of Orlean, included in her trousseau were over a thousand articles hand embroidered in the classical Tuscan tradition.The quality of a trousseau was a good omen for a happy marriage and fertility.

Casalguidi is famous for being the birthplace of embroidery. There is an old saying in the village, in which says "here the woman are born with a needle in hand and learn to embroider as they drink their mothers milk", in fact in the medieval times, this village gave its name to a special embroidery called "Casalguidi stitch", which is famous all over the world today.

The Bardelli Casa linens were embroidered by hand. The embroiderers often worked at their own homes, scattered in the hills of Tuscany.

The products of Mrs. Bardelli became more and more valued, not only by italians but by foreigners as well.

In the early nineteen - hundreds their atelier included more than one - hundred workers therefore it was necessary to move to larger accommodations in a nearly village, named Bottegone, which was on the new road that connected Florence to Pistoia.This made it easier to serve the English and American clients who were in Florence frequently.

Eventually the daughter became a part of the business, the mother of the present day owners. At the moment the company hit hard times; during the war their building was destroyed and clients lost. After Word War II the premises were rebuilt and reman where the company is today.

Household linens are no longer excessively embroidered however the technical perfection of fabrics and originality remains unchanged.

Even though the times of Caterina Medici are long gone, the Bardelli Casa household linen charm, discretion and exclusiveness remain intact.

Bardelli Casa linens bestow a refined and personal tone to your home, that so few are allowed to parhake in and enjoy.The craftsmanship of Bardelli Casa is in its third generation, they know that they have on their shoulders a tradition to uphold, a dignity which renews itself every time a new article comes to life, a new child joins all those born in the past.

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